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Get to know about the services offered by the SBI Gayanodaya or SBI e learning portal at Use your SBI HRMS login user id and password to login to your account…

The State Bank of India is the largest in India. Being a multi-national banking giant the SBI operates in more than 22,000 locations. The headquarters of SBI is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

As of March 2019, SBI had a total number of 257,252 employees. Well, the number must have increased in the last 1 year’s time. The number is set to rise in the upcoming years. Every year a huge number of aspirants take the SBI recruitment exam organized by IBPS.

Eventually, a specific number of aspirants are recruited by the SBI under the award staff and officer scale staff. Those staff employed by SBI during their service can apply for promotion when the banks announce the vacancies. But even SBI employees must fulfill certain requirements to enroll for promotion.

Based on the promotion policy of the SBI employee must first obtain the SBI e-learning role-based certificate. However, before the employee obtains these certificates they must complete certain modules.

In this article, we have covered every aspect of the SBI Gyanodaya portal. So, the contents can be helpful for concerns regarding the SBI e-learning login. Also SBI Gyanodaya certificate, etc.

About SBI Gyanodaya E-Learning Portal

The State Bank of India developed an online platform called SBI Gyanodaya or SBI e-learning. Now the objective of developing this portal was to offer exclusive service to its employees.

Hence, every SBI employee can access this portal and avail of the services. As per the norms, employees can access the portal anytime. However, they do need to log in with the portal.

In case you are wondering the aim of developing the portal then hear us out. The bank introduced the SBI Gyanodaya for the specific reason of offering employees with the SBI e-learning platform.

Now through SBI Gyanodaya employees can stay updated with notifications related to bank policies and promotion opportunities. Furthermore, the SBI e-learning portal allows employees to obtain certificates mandatory for promotion candidature.

Any SBI employee who desires to enlist for promotion must first obtain the certificate from the SBI e-learning portal. So in the following section, you will be briefed on different aspects of SBI Gyanodaya.

SBI E learning

SBI E Learning Portal Login Process @mybanklearning

Since the SBI Gyanodaya is an exclusive portal accessible only by SBI employees. Therefore, the portal requires you to complete your login to verify your employment with the bank.

Employees can complete their login online with the help of their login id or user id and password. As per the instructions you can acquire your login id and password from your respective HR.

Every employee needs to be able to log in at the SBI Gyanodaya to obtain a certificate. So, below we have mentioned the complete login process to help those who are unaware of the procedure.

Therefore, if you wish to obtain an SBI e-learning certificate then first you need to complete your SBI Gyanodaya login. The following steps can help you complete your login.

STEP 1. First of all, go to the official portal of SBI Gyanodaya here is the link to the portal (

STEP 2. On the homepage of the portal click on the Login option to open the login portal.

STEP 3. Now when the login portal opens enter our login id or user id and password. Then click on Login or Sign in option.

STEP 4. Finally, you have completed your SBI Gyanodaya login.

SBI E-learning Certificate

There are two types of SBI E-learning certificates that employees can obtain online. The certificates are known as Internal Certificate and External Certificate.

The internal certificate is issued by the State Bank of India but the External certificates can only be issued by the Reserve Bank of India. Hence these certificates have their accountabilities.

Internal Certificate: This certificate as said is issued by the State Bank of India. Such certificates are awarded to SBI employees such as cashiers, clerks, or any award staff. To obtain this certificate one must first complete the online registration. After registration, one must complete offline workshops and seminars as per the norms.

External Certificate: Reserve Bank of India issued an external certificate that can be obtained by officer scale employees (From scale 1 to scale 5 officers). Employees must register and complete their module-based training (Online) and offline workshops and seminars if they wish to obtain the SBI external certificate.

These certificates are a mandatory requirement for a promotion. But employees must apply for the job-based certificate. For instance award, staff must apply for an internal certificate program.

The following table can help you understand the chronology. So check out the table to know which certificate do you need to apply for promotion as per your job.

Gyanodaya SBI elearning Certificate

The certificate is of high significance as per the promotion is concerned. The certificate is your only ticket to achieving the promotion that you desire. It is a mandatory requirement for promotion enrollment.

As per the SBI promotion policy, an employee must obtain a job-based certificate to apply for promotion. Hence, without the certificate individuals are not eligible for the promotion.

NOTE: If an employee obtains the SBI e-learning certificate then the individual must make sure to apply for re-validation. The certificate comes with a certain validity. So one must re-validate to ensure that the certificate does not expire.

E Learning SBI FAQ’s

At the end of the tour article, we have some question and their answers related to the SBI Gyanodaya. So interested readers may take a look at these questions which can be helpful for them in the future.

  1. How to get SBI Gyanodaya Login User id and Password?
    Well to get your user id and password you can consult with your HR. But if you have your SBI HRMS user id and password then you may be able to login with these credentials.
  2. How to get an SBI E-learning Certificate?
    To get a certificate you must first register for the online program. But make sure to apply for the job-based certificate. We have provided a table that includes the promotion and the required certificate type.
  3. How to register for the SBI E-learning certificate?
    To register you may speak to your respective HR. However, you may complete your registration online at
  4. How long does it take to obtain the SBI Gyanodaya e-learning certificate?
    It depends upon the certificate that you have applied for. Usually, the program takes months to be complete. You can check the duration of the workshop at the SBI Gyanodaya portal.